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Donegal Oil Company set up a Charity Foundation and are calling on schools, charities & sporting organisations in Donegal to register to receive Educational Aids for Children with Austism.

As part of their ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, Donegal Oil Company have set up a ‘Donegal Oil Foundation’. Over the past 4 years they have raised over €30,000 through various Endurance Events through their Team Donegal Oil Programme for many different charities in Donegal and Ireland.

This June 2018, four Team Donegal Oil members and Donegal locals, Arthur McMahon, Padraig MacGinty, Gavin Harris & Gerard Callaghan will take part in the biggest endurance race in the world, The Race Across America (RAAM 2018). It is their intention, through the Donegal Oil Foundation, to raise money for Schools in County Donegal and provide Educational Aids in the form of technology products for children with Autism. They are calling out to Schools, Charities & sporting organisations in the County to register with the foundation so they can avail of Educational Aids to assist with their internal programmes for children they teach and coach with Autism.

Arthur McMahon, Managing Director of Donegal Oil Company commented saying, “Our company have always supported local fundraising efforts and that won’t change. However, we have a really busy few years ahead for our Team Donegal Oil initiative and we’d like to make sure that there’s a lasting benefit from all our hard work. We’ll be asking local schools, charities & sporting organisations, who need help with buying specialist equipment, to contact us.”

“We’ll have a few rules about how we handle funds raised by the Foundation. These are; We will always publish on our Facebook page, every 3 months, all the money raised and donated by the foundation.  All funds raised will only be donated in County Donegal. We will always aim to buy equipment for the organisations we seek to help rather than giving money. We will never take any salaries, expenses or fees of any kind from The Foundation.”

“Team Donegal Oil has raised over €30k for charity in the last 4 years and we wanted to have an open and transparent way of showing people how the money raised was spent. That’s why we have rules about what we can help with. Keep an eye out for things that Team Donegal Oil are getting up to over the next few months and we are happy that any funds raised through The Foundation will be distributed in County Donegal in a transparent way”.

“We are very excited about the Donegal Oil Company Foundation programme and we are delighted that we can help children with Autism to get as much of the most up to date modern technologies possible to assist & help with their education. We also hope that in doing this, we will also raise awareness for Austism in the county, so please do get in touch,” concludes Arthur.

The Donegal Oil Foundation have set up an online donation page & you can donate through the link below :—fundraising-page-in-aid-of-austism.html

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Your support is greatly appreciated.