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Team Donegal High Peaks (FKT) Challenge raises €6276 for Crumlin Children’s Hospital.


A huge number of children from Donegal travel to Crumlin children’s Hospital and in 2016 alone 1438 Children from Donegal attended Crumlin Outpatients Dept. Children attend for a range of clinics such as Orthopaedic appointments. This year the Outpatients Dept, which caters for 80,000 children annually will be upgraded to provide better facilities for the children, staff and their families. Nazareth’s Baby Ward will also be refurbished to ensure that the rooms there are fit for purpose and can facilitate the new technology needed to treat seriously ill children along with improving the space for parents to stay overnight with their children. CMRF are also funding priority equipment needed for the hospital and for vital research which is being conducted at the NCRC into Paediatric Cancer, Immunology, Eczema & CF.


Shaun Stewart & Lonan O’Farrell recently took part in a challenge that involved climbing all of Ireland’s 26 Peaks over 32 counties and they beat the fastest known time by a record 27 hours. They did this to try & raise money for Crumlin and have raised a huge total of €6276 for their chosen charity Crumlin Children’s Hopsital, which was presented to Antionette Kelly from CMRF at the offices of Donegal Oil Company this week.


Shaun’s sister, brother in-law & niece, Katie, Ronan & Cara Murphy will be on a journey over the coming years with their little 2 year old daughter Cara, with many visits to Crumlin’s Childrens Hospital. Cara Murphy was born with a condition called Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency (PFFD). This is a rare birth defect that affects the pelvis, particularly the hip bone, and the femur. The disorder may affect one side or both, with the hip being deformed and the leg shortened. At birth Cara’s right leg was approximately 1.5cm shorter than her left leg. As she continues to grow so does the discrepancy between her leg lengths. Currently her limb difference is 7cm and this will continue to increase. Cara wears a shoe that has a raise of 7 cm and she manages great with these. The good news is they hope that Cara will be able to have lengthening surgeries. It is uncertain yet as to how many surgeries Cara will need as each case of PFFD is individualised and there is no set plan of treatment that suits every patient. Lengthening surgery is a slow and painful process and the Limb Reconstruction Unit in Our Ladies Children’s Hospital, Crumlin have the expertise and skills necessary to carry out these procedures.


The challenge was sponsored by Donegal Oil Company and the crew teams took turns in driving, supporting Shaun & Lonan throughout the challenge. Crew teams were Arthur McMahon, Donegal Oil Company & Shaun Doherty, a friend of Shaun Stewarts. They were relieved half way through the challenge by the infamous Donegal Road Trekkers, Denis Ferry & Leslie O’Donnell.


The challenge it’s self was tough and Shaun & Lonan are extremely grateful to their team, families and the people who generously donated towards their charity. They would especially like to thank Arthur McMahon from Donegal Oil who sponsored the event & gave up his time to crew the challenge. Rory Kennedy, known in rallying circles for helping organising the navigational routes throughout Ireland. Shaun Doherty for crewing & providing support, Denis Ferry & Leslie O’Donnell who took care of them while crewing for the 2nd half of the challenge & getting them to Errigal Mountain in Co. Donegal safe. Paul Doherty, Paul Dohery Photography who climbed to the top of Errigal Mountain to capture what are just the most amazing images at the finish. John Dillon from Manor Motors who provided them with transport for the Challenge. Their own families & friends who supported them throughout, the media for all the fantastic coverage, Grace Ann McGarvey, for organising all of the Press, TV & Radio coverage & managing all the social media updates, before, during & after the challenge, Antionette Kelly from CMRF who was so helpful in providing materials & travelling to Donegal for the cheque presentation & to absolutely everyone who donated to the charity and met them along the way to support them & to everyone who were there at the finish to congratulate them.


Whats next on the agenda for this duo is yet unknown but they are never far from an adventure race, a mountain or an adventure cycle. They are always ready to #haveago.