Donegal Oil


Meet Armando Camacho who is looking forward to exploring one of the world’s “Coolest Places on The Planet” with Team Donegal OIl


Originally from Mexico City, Armando Camacho left his home country in 1999 and headed off to Boston to work. After a couple of years in Boston, he decided to go back to Mexico and open his own business.

The seed of a more tranquil life was planted and running his own business didn’t exactly provide what he was looking for in life. After a short while he decided to emigrate again, this time much further away.

That’s when Armando came to live and work in County Donegal, Ireland in 2005 and has never looked back. He works for Pramerica in Letterkenny and is happy living in what he calls, one of the most stunning and definitely one of the coolest places on earth.

Armando started his cycling journey in his 20’s just as a recreational rider. But he definitely got hooked on the sport after he came to live in Donegal, but not in a  competitive way, more as a social rider.

Even though Armando has been living in Donegal for the past 11 years, he is still constantly amazed with its scenery and hospitality. Finding new places to cycle to, keeps him motivated to finding new challenges and new routes to explore.

When he saw the call out from Team Donegal Oil to #haveago on this Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra Race, he knew that he wanted to experience a challenge like this with a team, so he contacted Arthur McMahon.

He is so looking forward to helping Team Donegal Oil on the Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra later this month. And he would encourage anyone to #haveago with Team Donegal Oil.