Donegal Oil


Downings Woman Grania MacGinty, will have her X-Ray eyes on the Coastal Routes in Donegal for the Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra

Grania MacGinty a Radiologist at Letterkenny General Hospital and a busy mum, didn’t get much time to do exercise outside her working hours and looking after her family, that was until she was introduced to Team Donegal Oil’s #haveago concept by her hubbie Padgraig MacGinty, who took part as a 4 person team for Team Donegal Oil in last years Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra. She was inspired that Padraig was hooked to the cycling and got so much fitter & healthier in a short space of time.

It somehow spurred her on & last October she decided to #haveago at making time to introduce some fitness into her own life. So she started slowly with a Couch to 5k and added in when she could some swimming at the pool. She was overwhelmed and delighted with herself when she managed to run the Letterkenny Rotary’s Winter Warmer 5k at the end of November.

And in her own words, to “her delight” she spotted a post on Facebook where Team Donegal Oil were looking for a team of cycling novices to take part in the Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra Race. She knew that she was ready for another challenge, contacted Arthur McMahon & hey presto, she got on the team.

Not going to lie idle and really wanting to get into the spirit of the challenge, she bought herself a bike and started her training, cycling with a group of ladies, who now call themselves “The Lycra Lasses”. They were spurred by the Team Donegal Oil Concept which was to encourage others to #haveago and get off the couch. The Lycra Lasses set up a What’s App group & started inviting their friends. The concept for these ladies was to mix a bit of exercise with a bit of craic and get them moving & off their couches.

Grania, from the start had her X-Ray eyes focussed on the challenge & wanted to give it 100% for the team, so she recently had a go & completed the Rathmullan Duathalon, followed by the Letterkenny Try a Tri, The Waar Sprint and the Gartan Challenge Adventure Race, all in preparation for the Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra with Team Donegal OIl.

Grania is really looking forward to this challenge, as it will be a real team effort and great fun too. To be part of such a fantastic team of people that have never met each other before this and already they have become great friends & know that the challenge for their team will be fantastic!

Grania is already spreading the word to her colleagues at Letterkenny General Hospital & encouraging them to #haveago & get off the couch, make friends, have fun & get fit! She’s so glad she did!