Donegal Oil


Donegal Oil’s Commercial Manager John McGill to Join Team Donegal Oil in the 2017 Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra


John McGill, has been working as Donegal Oil’s Commercial Manager for many many years.

Watching Arthur McMahon & what Team Donegal Oil’s challenges have achieved over the past 3 years instilled the thought in his head that just maybe he could do something like this for himself. So he thought he would mention to his boss, Arthur McMahon about taking up cycling himself & how he could go about it!

He knew he wouldn’t get on a bike himself and just do it! He saw how the physical exercise was having a positive affect on his own colleagues, he knew he himself wanted to just get off the couch & get fit. Whatever it took, he would like to #haveago.

So, when John mentioned it to Arthur McMahon, who was delighted to see another member of his own staff taking an interest in Team Donegal Oil. Not only that, he was so happy to see how the whole Team Donegal Oil concept had encouraged & inspired his own team members at Donegal Oil Company to #haveago,

Arthur said to John, don’t buy a bike just yet and I’ll loan you one of mine in meantime to see if you like it first. Needless to say after a short time, John was hooked, took the plunge and liked the new exercise regime and the social experience.

He took it slowly, nothing to serious, mainly Sundays with a few friends and sometimes in the summer months during the week for an hour or so. And thats as far as John has gone to date. So, when Arthur mentioned to him about  joining their Team Donegal Oil Challenge for the 2017 Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra, he didn’t have to think twice and is now part of their 8 person team for the challenge coming up inn a few weeks time.
John is really looking forward to his first Team challenge and hopes everyone goes well
and stays safe on the route.

Team Donegal Oil spirit of #haveago has inspired, so why don’t you too get in touch and you can become part of our upcoming challenges and just simply #haveago!