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What could be seen as a Mid Life Crisis spurs Mum of 3, Sheral to #haveago with Team Donegal Oil

44 Year old Sheral Hetherington, a married stay at home housewife with three children has always been interested in keeping fit. She started running about 4 years ago as a way of getting some “me” time. At the beginning and as she was a newbie to the world of fitness, she had her fair share of injuries which was very frustrating for her.

In 2015 with a lot of help from Adam Speer, Speer Performance she completed several 10 Milers and Half Marathons and then unfortunately at the beginning of 2016 she got injured AGAIN!

She was ready to throw in the towel when Adam Speer recommended trying the bike as a way of keeping up her fitness levels and give her a break from running. Sheral hadn’t been on the bike since she was a very young child and wasn’t overly thrilled at the idea but gave it a go anyway!

Earlier this year, her husband saw the Team Donegal Oil post on Facebook looking for a team of novices to take part in the Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra Race 555Km. When he told her she thought it sounded like a good idea to join part of a team & it would be a real challenge with people of the same fitness level so I decided to put my name forward.

Now here she is, The Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra  2017 is just weeks away and she is starting as a complete cycling novice. The training with Team Donegal to date has been fantastic and with so much support & encouragement from Arthur McMahon, Team Donegal Oil, and her team mates, she is delighted but slightly nervous to now be part of Team Donegal Oil taking on the challenge of Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra Race 555Km.

But Sheral is determined to #haveago.